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Our expert team of property accountants are passionate about assisting property development and investment clients to grow and increase their wealth through property. We do this by providing expert taxation and business advice.


Undertaking property development of any size is a complicated venture. Property development is an intricate business with many layers of complexity. We understand the mechanics of property developing and we support clients in navigating their tax responsibilities.


Ultimately, we assist clients in understanding how the tax law applies to any given property development or investment, and we explore all options available for best-case outcomes. We work with our clients to maximise their tax benefits.


Our accountants assist with:


  • All property accounting requirements

  • Property tax advice

  • Ownership structures

  • Investment structures

  • Property investment trusts and ownership structures

  • Tax compliance

  • Capital gains

  • Leasing

  • Improving cashflow

  • Depreciation

  • Negative gearing

  • Estate planning

  • GST & property sales

  • Rental Properties

  • Property investment in SMSF

  • Asset protection



How Can We Assist?


Our accountants are positioned to assist you in achieving your goals and are available to discuss your objectives at a time that is convenient to you. Contact us in the first instance to schedule in a preliminary discussion.

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