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One of the most critical factors for project success is having a well-developed project planning and management system in place. 


We structure and deploy teams or individuals that are highly experienced in the entire development process, and we are responsible for the planning and management of resources to ensure a successful start and completion to all development projects that we advise on or engage with.


From project inception through to completion, Land & Development Australia offers a full suite of services, including:

  • Residential divestment and acquisitions

  • Commercial divestment and acquisitions

  • Project planning and management 

  • Architecture and planning services

  • Engineering services

  • Surveying services

  • Legal advisory services

  • Accounting advisory services

  • Conveyancing services

  • Residential and commercial development, acquisition, and home loan finance

  • Joint venture partnerships


We advise clients on a full range of residential and commercial divestment and acquisition related matters, including:

  • Asset appraisal and/or valuation

  • Identification of potential acquisition or development targets

  • Investment memorandum and/or sales kit preparation

  • On-or-off market sales and marketing campaigns

  • Research, identification, and negotiation with qualified acquirers

  • Management of EOI campaign

  • Management of buyer enquiry

  • Sale and/or acquisition negotiation and closing


We advise clients on a full range of project planning and management ​related matters, including:

  • Acquisition advice

  • Risk management

  • Design management

  • Feasibility studies

  • Project audit & due diligence

  • Time & value management

  • Contract management

  • Development management

  • Construction management

  • Project management


We advise clients on a full range of architecture, engineering and surveying related matters, including:

  • All architecture work

  • All engineering work

  • All surveying work



We advise clients on a full range of legal related matters, including:

  • Residential property law

  • Commercial property law

  • Government property law

  • Development law (including greenfield)

  • Construction law

  • Investment law

  • Lease law

  • Sale and leaseback

  • Strata law

  • Finance law

  • Property and project structuring (including partnerships and joint ventures)

  • Turnkey projects and planning

  • Private and public tendering

  • Urban renewal

  • Acquisitions

  • Divestments



We advise clients on a full range of conveyancing matters, including:

  • Residential and commercial buying and selling

  • House, unit, and land transfers (residential and commercial)

  • Private sale contracts and form 1

  • Contract and pre-purchase advise

  • Land divisions

  • Titles

  • Easements

  • Caveats

  • Retail and commercial leasing

  • Residential leasing

  • Preparing all legal documents, including the contract of sale and memorandum of transfer

  • Conducting research in respect to the property and its certificate of title, including checking for easements and title type

  • Settlement representation

  • Receiving and holding deposit money in trust accounts

  • Calculating and advising on the adjustment of rates and taxes when buying or selling

  • Liaising with the vendor or buyer's solicitor or registered conveyancer in relation to settlement arrangements

  • Contacting the client’s financial institution, if applicable, regarding how and when the final payments are to be made and received

  • Negotiating offers on the client’s behalf with a vendor or their agent

  • Lodging all necessary documents with relevant agencies


We advise clients on a full range of residential and commercial development, acquisition, and home loan finance related matters, including:

  • Acquisition financing

  • Development financing

  • Senior mortgage to mezzanine debt

  • Joint venture equity

  • Bridging loans

  • Re-finance strategies

  • Home loans

  • Securing finance to support acquisitions and developments

  • Negotiation of lenders' proposals and finalisation of detailed terms and conditions

  • Managing covenant waiver and reset negotiations, facility extensions and amendments, new money requests, and debt buy backs

  • Advice on equity offer structures

  • Management, negotiation, and engagement of equity underwriters and providers

  • Preparation of equity raising documentation

  • Overall co-ordination and management of the equity raising process to successful completion



We advise clients on a full range of joint venture related matters, including:

  • Identifying joint venture partners

  • Negotiating and legally formalising the terms of the joint venture partnership

  • Managing the joint venture partnership

How Can We Assist?


Our development & project services team is positioned to assist you in achieving your goals and we are available to discuss your objectives at a time that is convenient to you. Contact us in the first instance to schedule in a preliminary discussion.

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