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We assist property owners to better understand the value of their property and to be informed of all development options before making the decision to retain, sell, or to develop their property.

At your direction, our team undergoes a thorough property assessment to determine what is achievable with your property so that you can make an informed and research based decision on whether to retain your property; sell your property; or to develop your property.


When considering either the sale or development of your property, it is important to determine the value and development potential of the property based on what its market value is to a property developer or to you, should you decide to develop the property yourself.



We assist clients with the acquisition, divestment, or development of commercial property assets with a minimum market value of $5 million through to $500+ million.

Land & Development Australia is focused on working with domestic, international, public and private property developers, REIT’s, hotel operators, real estate focused funds, public and private institutional investors, family offices and UHNW individuals with ownership interests in commercial real estate that are seeking to divest assets, augment portfolios, expand development activities, or to secure and/or deploy capital for commercial property focused opportunities throughout Australia.


Typically, we describe commercial transactions as the divestment, acquisition, or development of commercial property with a minimum market value of $5 million through to $500+ million. These properties include local supermarkets, storage facilities, car yards, distribution centers, office buildings, retail precincts, commercial, industrial & residential land holdings, and rural/agricultural holdings.



We assist domestic, international, public and private property developers, REIT’s, hotel operators, real estate focused funds, public and private institutional investors, family offices, and UHNW individuals in securing and divesting residential and commercial development sites throughout Australia.


Our goal is to deliver investment and development opportunities to domestic and international markets. Our strength rests in long standing relationships with asset holders and development site acquirers.​​


Our development site services capability includes:​

  • Identification of potential acquisition targets

  • Asset valuation

  • Multi-site amalgamation

  • Re-zoning

  • Investment memorandum and sales kit preparation

  • Management of on-or-off-market EOI campaign

  • Management of buyer enquiry

  • Sale negotiation and closing




Land & Development Australia is partnered with Property Solicitors Australia to provide legal advisory services. Property Solicitors Australia identify and focus on core legal needs and work to contain legal spend through various value-driven engagement options. They offer fixed fees, capped fees, hourly or daily rates, retainers, or any other method that works for our clients. Our aim is to allow clients to better measure outcomes and control the scope and planning of their legal needs.


Our expert team of property accountants are passionate about assisting property development and investment clients to grow and increase their wealth through property. We do this by providing expert taxation and business advice. Ultimately, we assist clients in understanding how the tax law applies to any given property development or investment and we explore all options available for best-case outcomes. We work with our clients to maximise their tax benefits.



Access to finance is essential. Whether you require a development loan, acquisition or project financing, increased liquidity, creative structured financing solutions, or a home loan, our team works with you to determine your best options.

We provide finance solutions for property developers, investors, and home owners. Our offering includes:

  • Acquisition financing

  • Development financing

  • Senior mortgage to mezzanine debt

  • Joint venture equity

  • Bridging loans

  • Re-finance strategies

  • Home loans




Land & Development Australia maintains direct relationships with a wide range of private, public, institutional, and government asset holders, landowners, property developers, builders, and capital providers that are actively seeking development opportunities and joint venture partnerships in residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects throughout Australia.


Our strength lies in the ability to create mutually rewarding partnerships and outcomes for all parties by customising their involvement to suit each projects requirement.


We employ a research-based approach when considering suitable joint venture partners for client projects, and we consider and draw on a broad range of capabilities allowing prospective partners to provide speciality project expertise.



Land & Development Australia have structured a private investment fund for the purpose of developing residential, commercial, and mixed-use property throughout Australia.


We allow qualified individuals to invest in equity and debt holdings on a project specific basis.


Using an active management strategy, we take a diversified approach to property development in a variety of property classes. Our development strategies can range from new development and raw land holdings to complete redevelopment of existing properties, or cash-flow injections into distressed assets.



We structure and deploy teams or individuals that are highly experienced in the entire development process, and we are responsible for the planning and management of resources to ensure a successful start and completion to all development projects that we advise on or engage with.​


From project inception through to completion, Land & Development Australia offers a full suite of services, including:

  • Residential divestment and acquisitions

  • Commercial divestment and acquisitions

  • Project planning and management 

  • Architecture and planning services

  • Engineering services

  • Surveying services

  • Legal advisory services

  • Accounting advisory services

  • Conveyancing services

  • Residential and commercial development, acquisition, and home loan finance

  • Joint venture partnerships




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