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Our goal is to deliver quality legal advice and an exceptional experience to our clients.


Land & Development Australia is partnered with Property Solicitors Australia to provide legal advisory services.


Property Solicitors Australia identify and focus on core legal needs and work to contain legal spend through various value-driven engagement options. They offer fixed fees, capped fees, hourly or daily rates, retainers, or any other method that works for our clients. Our aim is to allow clients to better measure outcomes and control the scope and planning of their legal needs.


Our property related legal service offering includes, but is not limited to:​

  • Residential property law

  • Commercial property law

  • Government property law

  • Development law (including greenfield)

  • Construction law

  • Investment law

  • Lease law

  • Sale and leaseback

  • Strata law

  • Finance law

  • Property and project structuring (including partnerships and joint ventures)

  • Turnkey projects and planning

  • Private and public tendering

  • Urban renewal

  • Acquisitions

  • Divestments




Our development law offering includes, but is not limited to:

  • Strategic advice on residential, retail, mixed-use, commercial, and industrial property development projects

  • Corporate and tax structuring, including shareholder and joint venture agreements

  • Property development agreements

  • Divestments and acquisitions of development sites

  • Rezoning applications, challenges, and appeals

  • The development of industrial land

  • Indirect taxes including land tax

  • Planning and development agreements with statutory authorities

  • Construction agreements and delivery methods

  • Consultant and management agreements

  • Subdivisional advice, including owner corporation structures

  • Broad acre and built form (including medium-density and high-density residential and mixed-use) development and structuring

  • Finance negotiation and documentation

  • Commercial, development, and specialist advice

  • High volume conveyancing and sales reporting

  • Investment advice and project development advice

  • Purchasing and selling property under complex agreements

  • Subdivision of land or the merger of title blocks

  • Administration or management of ‘off-the-plan’ sales

  • Advice on easements, particularly for neighbouring lot access, access to services (electrical, gas, water), and the leasing of premises for telecommunications facilities

  • Joint title developments

  • Retirement village developments

  • Arranging joint venture agreements

  • Negotiating finance and loan agreements

  • Negotiating options, contracts, and conditions of sale

  • Negotiating with government departments and councils

  • Land and environment issues

  • Sales and acquisitions of major CBD buildings, shopping centres, and industrial sites

  • Documentation for sales by tender

  • Acquisition and surrender of easements, advising on covenants, environmental, planning, and heritage overlays

  • Sales and acquisitions of government land

  • Compulsory acquisitions

  • Native title claims and agreements

  • All issues relating to roads, including road discontinuances

  • Mortgagee sales

  • Project management

  • Security of payments advice

  • Contract advice

  • Drafting and risk management

  • Natural resources and heritage planning law

  • Development approvals in respect of landfills, composting facilities and prescribed industrial waste reuse

  • Purchase, leasing, and disposition of contaminated or potentially contaminated land

  • Due diligence for developers

  • Agreements with Infrastructure providers

  • Development consent and applications


Our leases, strata & residential law offering includes, but is not limited to:

Leases & Strata

  • General leasing advice, particularly for complex commercial leases (such as retail leases in shopping centres)

  • Leases and licences

  • General commercial leasing transactions

  • Retail leasing, in-particular the application and interpretation of state-based retail leasing legislation in force across Australia

  • The preparation and negotiation of building development leases

  • Crown land leases, sub-leases, and licences

  • Standard form and custom-made leasing documents

  • Client representation in leasing disputes, in mediations, and in litigation

  • Temporary leases and licenses

  • Community strata title

  • Strata management agreements

  • Strata by-laws

Residential Property

  • Acquisitions – negotiations and structuring

  • Contracts and agreements

  • Building contracts and disputes

  • Sub-division

  • Sales

  • Boundary issues and disputes

  • Trees and tree disputes

  • Wall and fencing disputes

  • Compulsory acquisition

  • Valuation issues



Our government property & investment law offering includes, but is not limited to:

Government Property

  • Conducting public procurement processes for sale or lease of land, including tenders, request for proposals, and expressions of interest

  • Town centre redevelopment projects, including due diligence, amalgamation of sites, and legislative compliance

  • Development agreements, joint venture arrangements, and land exchange agreements with the private sector

  • Government land transactions and advice

  • Probity advice

  • Compulsory acquisition advice and procedure

  • Advising on air and subterranean rights, easements, restrictive covenants, and planning agreements

  • Adverse possession and advice on possessory interest

  • Advising on roads, including discontinuance and sale of roads

  • Commercial, retail, and community leasing of government land

  • Commercial leasing by government tenants



  • Structuring property transactions including property trusts and syndications

  • Hotel development acquisitions and disposals

  • Commercial, industrial, and retail property acquisitions and disposals

  • Stamp duty, land tax, capital gains tax, and GST

  • Commercial, industrial, retail and hospitality leasing

  • Due diligence for property investments

  • Foreign investment laws

  • Local council zoning regulation and planning instruments

  • Environmental, property, and building construction law issues

  • Purchasing and selling development property

  • Conducting due diligence

  • Drafting and negotiating contracts

  • Negotiating finance agreements

  • Leases

  • Subdivision of land

  • Taxation advice

  • Easements and covenants affecting property

  • Challenges and appeals in the land and environmental court

  • Joint venture agreements



How Can We Assist?


Together with Property Solicitors Australia, we are positioned to assist you in achieving your goals and are available to discuss your objectives at a time that is convenient to you. Contact us in the first instance to schedule in a preliminary discussion.

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