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Land & Development Australia have structured a private investment fund for the purpose of developing residential, commercial, and mixed-use property throughout Australia.


We allow qualified individuals to invest in equity and debt holdings on a project specific basis.


Using an active management strategy, we take a diversified approach to property development in a variety of property classes. Our development strategies can range from new development and raw land holdings to complete redevelopment of existing properties, or cash-flow injections into distressed assets.


In a market environment where it has become increasingly difficult to earn high quality returns in stocks and shares, many are turning to alternative investments to improve portfolio yields and to provide investors with unique and untapped opportunities. While there are a variety of alternative investments available, one of the most important options in the alternatives space is property offerings. The property industry is one of the most diverse asset classes available to investors and it is full of niche strategies that fit specific investment purposes.


The team at Land & Development Australia have the expertise and industry knowledge and networks in Australia to identify, secure, and undertake low risk property development opportunities for the benefit of our investors and stakeholders alike.

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